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Chimney Services by Reliable Professionals

When you need quality chimney maintenance contact AAA CHIMNEY EXPERTS. We provide Philadelphia and the surrounding area with residential chimney and masonry services. AAA CHIMNEY EXPERTS are dedicated to providing customers with the best level of service. We will not only meet, but exceed each customers expectations and needs. Our professionals take into consideration individual tastes and apply our knowledge and experience in accomplishing each unique project.

Chimney Inspections

A system evaluation and condition report is essential for the safety of your homes ventilation system. We provide a full 12-point fire and safety inspection to determine the integrity of the ventilation flue pipe and heating system. All Fireplace and Chimney ventilation flue pipes should be inspected every year to two years. The National Fire Protection Agency recommends if a home owner fuels with gas their system should be inspected biannually. Oil & Wood burning homeowners are highly recommended to inspect and service their ventilation flue systems annually.

Chimney Repairs

Our service professionals are experienced and prepared to meet all of your individual needs. If you’re in need of a chimney cap, crown, tuck pointing mortar joints, or partial/full chimney rebuild, we have the resources and skills to provide the best quality service.

  • Chimney Caps - We use stainless steel caps (Lifetime Guaranteed), to prevent any rain, snow, leaves, debris, or animals to enter the top of the chimney flue system.
  • Crown Repair - Prevent water penetration through the top of the chimney with top quality material from our expert masons.
  • Tuck Pointing - Repair cracked and missing mortar in between your homes bricks using exceptional tuck pointing practices.
  • Chimney Rebuild- Rebuild your chimney whether from the ground, or roof line up to restore its structural integrity.
  • Fireplace damper replacements - We provide a durable and affordable damper to ensure reduction of heat loss in your home. This energy efficient product also has a dual purpose that can serve as a animal/rain guard chimney cap.

Chimney & Fireplace Lining Systems

AAA CHIMNEY EXPERTS use top end stainless steel chimney relining kits that last a lifetime. We stand by our product, or your money back. Is your old chimney terracotta clay flue lining dry rotted and deteriorated? Fly by night company did shoddy work by installing poor quality material, or the wrong size? Contact us to provide an affordable, accountable, and accurate solution.

Stone Chimney

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