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The Importance of a Routine Chimney Sweep

AAA CHIMNEY EXPERTS in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, help homeowners in our area understand fire prevention. The National Fire Protection Agency recommends homeowners to service their chimney every two years for gas, and annually for oil and wood. Through our accurate cleaning process, we remove any obstructions or bi products that can cause fumes to invade your living space.

Efficient Draft

We offer a range of services to help maintain your home. We clean the flues that are vital to the structure and safety of the chimney, or fireplace. All chimneys should be swept to ensure all byproducts of combustion (such as soot and creosote) are clear, so dangerous fumes can exit your home safely and efficiently.

More Heat for Your Home

Our professionals clean both prefabricated and masonry flue systems. We ensure to keep your chimney safe and operating efficiently. We use UL listed products as an industry standard for any repairs needed. We also employ the best practices to ensure a safe chimney.

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